Where theres a Will theres a Way

Marion Rubens is a 56 year old Personal Trainer. She takes many classes, but her favourite is Willpower and Grace – a fusion of Balance Strength, Pilates and Mobility.

Last year during a race Marion came off her mountain bike and severely damaged the tendons in her shoulder. The damage is irreparable and has left her with very limited shoulder movement in her left arm. However, she still teaches her classes and still takes her Willpower and Grace.

She likes to compete in Triathlons, but the restricted arm doesn’t allow her to do either the crawl or the breaststroke, so she swam using just one arm until someone coached her into swimming the backstroke.

Anyone who swims in open water knows how difficult it is to maintain direction. Unclear water – open space – no lines at the bottom of the pool. None of these deter Marion – endeavour lives. It must have something to do with the Willpower, particularly when you do it with the Grace of Marion.

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