Recruitment & Retention

Recruitment and Retention

What are you looking for?

You should employ people:

  • who like people
  • who enjoy their work and work hard
  • who are enthusiastic
  • who smile and smile and smile again
  • who are commited
  • who will go the extra mile
  • who work as part of a team
  • who want to grow
  • have passion

Staff retention starts at the very beginning – with the interview.

Just as the chef would shop for the best produce, a manager should shop for the best people. Just as the chef shops for ingredients to suit the menu, a manager should shop to find the right person for the job.

The second stage of retention is when you make the decision to employ them. Having made that decision you then should start the process of keeping them.

The third and crucial stage is to integrate them into your culture. Support through nurturing and training, reward & recognition and honest evaluation of their qualities all help them to stay with your organisation for longer.