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Training & Development for Businesses

It Starts with a Vision

The staff training programme is tried and tested, not just at Heathcotes, but at over 20 other businesses including Health and Leisure facilities, Hotels and Public houses. It is essentially about customer and staff relationships with both parties enjoying the countless interactive experiences.

The whole purpose of this programme is to embed the goals and objectives of the organisation so that everyone, yes every single member of your staff, is fully engaged in working towards your goals and objectives.

To achieve this, it is necessary first to create a vision describing where the organisation wants to go.

This must start at the top with a decision to set a clear and simple goal. One that can be summed up in no more than two sentences, or even as little as one word.
Once you have arrived at your goal or vision statement, make this known to everyone in the organisation, along with the intention of the organisation to pursue this goal wholeheartedly.

From this moment on, everyone in the organisation will be asked to contribute. From here, the workbooks will be created to identify the company’s message with simple pictures and words.

This message is then supported via all the various components of the coaching programme.

Each of the components of this training programme has a specific role to play in driving your organisation’s goals and/or vision. Communication will play a massive part in the initiative. One-to-one and group coaching sessions, newsletters, emails, memory boards, workshops and recruitment roadshows all play a part in creating an innovative and motivated workforce.

The organisation’s vision is fundamental to the programme. Its reinforcement via every single one of the components is what will make this staff training programme the success you are looking for.

The vision is the starting point. It is the Heart and Soul of your organisation.