Sam Allardyce

A very dedicated professional. A speaker for all ages. He has a lot to give and there is a lot to learn

Sam Allardyce – Football Manager at West Ham United

Paul Fletcher MBE

Heathcote’s leadership started a fashion that became a phenomena. He inspired millions

Paul Fletcher MBE – Founder & Managing Partner at StadiArena

Mark Fitzmaurice

Motivational – Inspirational – Knowledgeable – Humorous

Mark Fitzmaurice – Director/Master Trainer at Dale Carnegie Training

Andree Deane

Lifetime Achievement Award Winner and Board Director [of the Fitness Industry Association] – a Visionary

Andree Deane – Government Affairs Consultant

John Marsden

His knowledge of how to get the best from the staff allied to his never ceasing enthusiasm is truly inspirational

John Marsden – Head of Local Delivery at Liverpool Primary Care Trust

A pioneer in his chosen career and a man who inspired thousands to change their lives

John Betteridge – Director of Physical Education (retired) at University College Salford

Susan Gunn

Ken, where do I start! I wanted to write and, to tell you what an inspirational man you are. I believe that, in life, there are special people who by their example and stature touch the lives of those around them.

From the considered words of wisdom passed on, a persuasive kick up the backside or the gentle encouragement towards achieving ones goal’s, even having an ambition or purpose in the first place; I believe you have affected the lives of others for many years in large and small quantities and that many people, including myself, are better human beings for having met you.

The important thing, I think, is that you live by example and with dignity, passion and humility.

Susan Gunn – Award Winning Artist