Public Speaking

Keynote Speaker

There is a story of a fisherman and a hunter fishing side by side on the riverbank. On the first day they both caught fish; on the second day it was only the fisherman who caught a fish; the third day there were no fish at all. The fisherman said to the hunter “don’t worry this is a time for patience they will come back.” “To hell with that” said the hunter, and wading into the water set off up the stream hunting for fish.

Are the people who work for you Hunters of Fishermen? In a time of recession can we afford to be Fishermen?

The underlining theme for keynote speeches is for your entire workforce to be hunters. The 45/60 minute speech defines the direction of the corporate culture. The energy needed to succeed in a challenging world is the proactive and positive approach from every member of your staff.

Ken Heathcote succeeded in sport and in sales for over thirty years. The people around him knew the value of individual performance and team participation. They knew what winning and losing meant. They knew that leadership was about commitment, huntsmanship and adopting the hunters’ mentality.

Motivational Speaker

The inspirational speech, video, briefing or team talk is emotionally a vital part of winning.

There is a saying “Them that do, do” and “Them that don’t teach.”

For over twenty years and from the age of fifteen I had trained and worked out in a variety of sports – mainly swimming, Olympic weightlifting (Press, Snatch, Clean and Jerk) and bodybuilding competitions.

In these early years I also ran my own small black iron back street gyms, these helped in building the foundations for the future.

In addition to the man management skills the issues of learning about weight gain – weight loss – anatomy – physiology and the formulation of programmes to meet the clients’ needs.

From 1950 to 1970 were the years of doing.

From 1970 to the current years have been the years of doing and teaching. These years were rich, rich in events, rich in characters, rich in stories and rich in participation. The sharing of ideas with world class athletes and dealing and the writing of exercise programmes for amputees, bypass surgery and even a heart transplant patient, Mums with children – Miss or Mr Universe contestants – sports players and many more were just a part of our everyday life.

Knowing how to motivate ones self is as important as knowing how to motivate others. Sharing ideas with the best in the world helps to share those ideas with others.

From 1980 – 1995 we worked mostly with young people who wanted to work in the Fitness Industry. 30,000 students qualified with us to be a Professional Instructor, Coach or Manager, doing and teaching.

At the age of 74 the Matterhorn inspired me to learn how to hike and climb. At the age of 76 I am still being inspired and still inspiring others. 60 years of doing and teaching.